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When we awoke Tuesday morning we did so in stage yellow of the COVID-19 Response Framework – where we were before we entered lockdown.

As a reminder, mask use and social distancing are still required, in-restaurant dining and in-store shopping can open back up, gatherings can happen to a limit, and stores will restrict the number of people who can be inside at a time. If you can, please make use of curbside pickup opportunities to reduce contact.

Because of the stay-home order, we’re still encouraged to work from home if possible and go out only for necessities. This should end in a few weeks, so hang in, everyone.


The Chamber is surveying its Members to identify those who have dived right into the online marketplace, having built their own online store to enable shoppers to make purchases from their own homes.

We look forward to building a new page on our website for easy access to these online stores, and will ensure our Members’ individual Business Directory pages identify them as having online stores. The new page should be up in a couple weeks; we’ll let you know when we’ve been successful.


It’s the week of our two Chamber Networking Sessions on Zoom, Wednesday evening and Saturday morning. Members, please call or email the Office if you’d like to see if there’s any space available, or to put your name on the list for next month’s sessions.

We strongly believe that the connection offered by Chamber membership can result in valuable relationships that make the Chamber and its Members stronger.


Please welcome Nuts and Volts Inc. to the Grey Highlands Chamber of Commerce.

Nuts and Volts (nutsandvolts.ca) has been solely dedicated to supporting industrial maintenance departments for 20 years. Their primary focus is automated CNC production shops; their strength is troubleshooting quickly and making quality repairs to all makes and models. Nuts and Volts proudly offers hands-on apprentice training, both millwright and electrical.