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Stage yellow means you can get out and about but please don’t go too crazy getting out and about! Limit your travels, keep your distance, and wear your mask.

I’m thrilled with the activity I’m seeing in our towns. I think many of you have realized that our local retailers and restaurants take your safety – and theirs – very seriously. It’s not surprising, given they’re our friends, families, and neighbours.


At the Chamber’s Board meeting last Thursday night, we had the honour of welcoming a guest speaker, OPP Constable Nicholas Wilson. We heard about various scams and frauds popping up in Grey Highlands, and what we can do to protect ourselves.

Among the Constable’s tips: Take your time to think things through. Would the CRA really threaten me? How is my grandson trekking in Nepal and needing money, when my family never told me of a trip? How can this person on the phone need access to my computer to fix it, when I don’t see a problem?


Last week the Chamber held two networking sessions to see how our Members could work together to strengthen their businesses. It was incredibly positive to watch Members talk about their businesses, their goals, and their challenges, and hear other Members speak up to offer encouragement, suggest solutions, and discuss opportunities to work together.

We look forward to holding monthly networking sessions for Members, as we use our relationships to weave a safety net for Grey Highlands businesses.

Members can email the Office to get on the list for next month’s session.


We’re compiling a list of our Members’ online stores and restaurant ordering portals. Don’t want to visit a store? We’ve got your back – or, we will within the week!