An intrepid group challenged the ice rain and attended Mayor McQueen’s New Year’s Levee last Saturday at the Flesherton Library. The Mayor shared highlights of the biggest successes within the Municipality, and left everyone feeling hopeful for the future of our towns.

Have you set business goals for this fiscal year?


This week, the Chamber/Municipality Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is on Council’s agenda. The annual document formalizes the relationship between the Chamber and Municipality, setting out the Chamber responsibilities to be met in exchange for the Municipal funding that we count on to meet these duties and others.

We expect a full discussion in Council as the Chamber successfully met its MOU responsibilities – including holding four mixers, promoting and taking part in Municipal events, maintaining our business directory, profiling a dozen Members, acting as the staffed tourism office – and seeks an even stronger relationship with the Municipality as we strive to assist Municipal staff to meet their economic development goals.


Storefronts, you might be seeing less foot traffic these days. Perhaps run a special event to draw people out? It could be your event, or you could partner with someone who could draw out attendees while you offer your space.

Working from home? Don’t get too blue. Connect on social media and realize you’re not alone.

Tourism based? You’ll get more customers if you can please everyone in a group. Is a family coming? Connect with other people or businesses that can provide experiences for Mom, for Dad, and for the kids. How about setting up a wine tasting, getting the schedule for the local arena or curling rink for spectators, or offering a map to the best sledding hills?