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Last Saturday, the Toronto Star published an article using the out-of-print Markdale Standard as an example of the hundreds of newspapers in Canada – some more than 100 years old – that have closed in recent years for good and left a gap in the way small towns communicate.

Social-media companies haven’t fully filled the void in communication, although Elaine Smyth’s Facebook group Markdale Standard Memories has kept alive a tremendous amount of history and revived the ties that bind this community together.

We are very fortunate to now have The Advance operating to distribute the news important to our area.

The Chamber uses this column to keep readers up to date on local business concerns, successes, and opportunities, and to introduce our new Members. In fact, see the last segment of this article to meet two new Members; as always, you can visit our website to see the Members’ full listing, and listings of all our Members.


It’s budget time in Grey Highlands. The Municipality encourages community input, so read the paper, check out Facebook, and chat with friends so you’re aware of these opportunities and can have your say.


Hey, Members! Invoices for 2021 membership will be going out this week, so check your Inbox and Junk box. If you don’t see anything, please call or email me at the Office. Early bird payers will receive a nice discount!


There are several grants and loans available to the businesses of Grey Highlands because of COVID relief programs. Please don’t be intimidated – Grey County, the Municipal Economic Development Dept., and the Saugeen Economic Development Corp. want to help you and answer your questions. If for some reason you fail to connect with these groups, let me know and I will try to connect you.


We’ve been spending a lot of time at home lately and days are starting to blend together. Time for something new?

Cook something different at home, learn a language, or sink your teeth into a riveting novel. Our libraries continue to offer curbside pickup, while the Grey Highlands Public Library website offers access to ebooks, channels, and, for now, some third-party websites normally accessed from a library computer.


We encourage you to continue to follow the COVID guidelines. Hopefully, this lockdown will stop the spread of COVID. Stay safe out there.


Please join me in welcoming these new members to the Grey Highlands Chamber of Commerce.

TEAM SPIRIT – The Science Behind Spirit (Facebook, internet) of Markdale seeks to explore and understand the paranormal, and help people experiencing paranormal activity in their home or business. Team Spirit wants you to know that you are not alone if you have had a paranormal experience. They can help!

L & W Bookkeeping Professionals (Facebook, internet) of Markdale puts over 15 years of bookkeeping and banking experience into helping owners of small businesses focus on what makes their business special. Jennifer Thompson expertly takes the money management, bookkeeping, and paperwork off their hands so that they can spend more time focusing on what makes their business successful.


To stay up-to-date on business resources, especially during the COVID-19 crisis, please visit www.greyhighlands.biz.