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Well, we’ve made it through 2020 and not a single person I know ran out of toilet paper. We can thank our local grocers and possibly neighbours or family members, but all kidding aside we’ve all been through the wringer. I applaud you for reaching this point with your humour and compassion intact.


As we enter the new year, we do it under lockdown. As you’ll recall, lockdown put considerable stress on our local businesses and restaurants in 2020, and this time will surely be the same. Many of our entrepreneurs have pivoted smoothly thanks to putting into place the programs they tested last year, but it will be harder for some than others.

Please do your best to keep your dollars in your community, where they support your friends, family, and neighbours, and keep our towns alive.


The Chamber is currently operating from a home office as we did for much of last year. Meetings are held electronically, chats are held over the phone, and deliveries are made elsewhere. Phone messages to 519-986-4612 are monitored and effort is made to return all calls as soon as possible during business hours. Same goes for email to greyhighlandschamber@gmail.com.

Going forward, we’ll be looking to enhance our communications and set up some networking opportunities. And we have a new benefit for Members that we hope to unveil this month.


Chamber Members, the government has unveiled another source of support funding for small businesses. Check your email from me. Not getting my emails? Please call me to get you hooked up.


Please join me in welcoming a new Member to the Grey Highlands Chamber of Commerce.

Jackson Sister’s Photography (Facebook, Internet, Instagram) serves all of Grey County. Dundalk-based sisters Jenni and Corryn put their talent and creativity into capturing your memories in their high-quality photographs of the people you love.


To stay up-to-date on business resources, especially during the COVID-19 crisis, please visit www.greyhighlands.biz.