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Nearly three dozen members of our Chamber and the West Grey Chamber came out to enjoy our joint BBQ on Saturday, and several great connections were made. This was a wonderful, no pressure way to meet each other and see how we can do business together.

We’ve had a lot of positive feedback on our idea of merging the two chambers to strengthen our sustainability for the future, and we’ve also had some concerns raised. We hear you.

Some of the questions that have arisen are ones we don’t have answers to, and won’t until we’re much further along in discussions, such as where the new Chamber’s office might be. That will be the decision of the new Board, but these individuals will take into consideration the preferences of ALL our Members.

Other questions are on issues that we’re discussing but haven’t finalized yet, like how the new Board will be comprised.

We have answered some questions, such as how money coming from each municipal area will be allocated for spending; each municipal area will receive services equally and with an eye towards supporting our Members the same.

At this point, we’re hoping to answer all the questions we have received, to any Member who’s interested in learning more (which we hope is all of them!).

Members of both Chambers have been surveyed to determine if there is enough support for us to move forward with planning, and this survey follows multiple information emails and a Zoom meeting. We intend to hold a formal vote in July that will enable us to begin addressing formal issues, such as finances, bylaws, corporate structure, and geographic boundaries. By next month, we hope that Members will have a better understanding of the Board’s reasoning, intentions, and plans.

Members should expect further emails answering the questions we’ve received as a result of this survey and beyond, and we encourage any Members with questions to contact the Office via phone or email. This is YOUR CHAMBER and your voice should be heard.


Garage 13 in Eugenia is now open. Pop by for a cup of coffee and enjoy the curated items for sale that the gallery carries from various artists.

Two Sisters Inn in Markdale has its grand opening this weekend. Travellers will appreciate the attention to detail this B&B offers in its three suites.


If you’re celebrating an anniversary this year, please reach out to the Chamber so we can celebrate with you and share your success with others.

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