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Ah, Stage Green. What a wonderful place to be. Many restrictions have been eased but don’t forget: if we also ease up our safety efforts and COVID-19 cases increase, we’ll be back under lockdown quicker than you can say a prayer for our local small businesses.


Some small businesses will be pleased to learn that many grants continue to be available, new grants are appearing, and Saugeen Economic Development offers loans to help refurbish equipment and meet general business needs.

Meanwhile, storefronts continue to be able to approach the Municipality of Grey Highlands regarding their Community Improvement Plan, which offers grants for façade improvement, signage, and interior renovations. Call the Municipality and speak with Economic & Community Development Officer Krista House.


Markdale was full of excitement last Friday afternoon as the word came in – the new Markdale Hospital was a go and shovels would be in the ground on Monday. I suspect, and hope, that by now the building site is awash with surveyors’ colourful flags.

The Grey Highlands Chamber of Commerce welcomes Bird Construction Inc. to Markdale as the construction company that will be building the new hospital. Bird is a leading builder in Canada, with a 100-year track record. The new hospital will serve the residents of Grey Highlands, Southgate, Chatsworth, and West Grey.

The influx of surveyors, planners, builders, tradespeople, and businesspeople of all kinds that we’re sure to experience represents an opportunity to Markdale and the surrounding areas. Will we put our best foot forward? Will our restaurants and service businesses see growth? Will any businesses change their hours to accommodate the daily travelers into the town?

Will someone start up a food truck to travel between building sites, from the hospital, to the school, and perhaps to Grey Gables? Or perhaps someone will create a Markdale-centric food delivery service?


Speaking of the new hospital, the COVID-19 vaccine is now available for those age 80+. If you are on the roster at the South-East Grey Community Health Centre, you will most likely hear from them to schedule an appointment. If you have your own doctor please call the Centre directly.


How have you been using all your home alone time? Have you been reading the books from the Grey County Reads list? If not, I highly recommend you do!

Once you’ve had a chance to read a few of the books, or perhaps at least to peruse the comments made by the books’ reviewers, vote for your favourite. Use the convenient VOTE button on our website.

Chamber Member Shawn Ankenmann, owner of Highland Grounds Fair Trade Coffee Shop, is advocating for Eden Robinson’s Son of a Trickster.


You wanted it, and you’ve got it! We’ve added two pages to our website, one providing links to our Members’ online stores and one providing links to our Members’ online restaurant ordering and booking systems.

Look on our website under Our Members for the links. All you have to do is search, order, pay, choose your pickup or delivery method, and enjoy!