Some people are heading back to work this week, the beginning of reopening Ontario. Those leading the way are considered the “safest” to do so and their jobs considered somewhat seasonally sensitive. This in no way suggests the rest of us can run free now. Please continue to respect the limitations placed on us as the “powers that be” mull over the current research and take a measured approach to each step forward.

For many businesspeople and businesses, reopening is an exciting yet scary time. Are you prepared for the new reality? Please reach out to the Office if I can be of assistance.

Meanwhile, we ask the public to support our businesses and hope you realize that the business that reopens might be quite different than the one that closed. We are all finding our way in a new world. Patience and understanding will mean a lot to the people involved, your neighbours.


Bruce Power and its partners launched an app called GBH Strong in April and have now expanded that to include an online giftcard program. The app offers “the latest local, authoritative health information, access to resources for people and businesses in need, a way to offer assistance to others and a list of some of the things that are still available to do in local communities.”

The free app is available on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store – look for “GBH Strong”. All information can be accessed directly at


Happy second birthday, Kim’s Place in Markdale. We’re proud to have you as a Chamber Member and can’t wait to frequent you again. The Facebook-posted pictures of your impressive Meals on Wheels make my mouth water!


Yes, MP Alex Ruff wants to hear how you and your business are faring. Can you access support programs, or are you falling through the cracks, unable to qualify? We are setting up a video chat with Mr. Ruff and Members of our Chamber and a few others, and he very much wants to connect with you. More details will follow in next week’s article.


New Chamber Member The Score Shop reached out to let us know they have products available for our stores and businesses to help you reopen safely and ensure your patrons remember their responsibility post-lockdown. Visit to see the items they have.

Do you have a product I should/could be telling your fellow Chamber Members about?


Wondering what I look like, sound like, or hope to do for your business? Head to YouTube, our Facebook page, or by the end of the week, our website to watch me being interviewed by Karen Cox of Chamber Member Sea & Ski Realty. I am grateful for this opportunity!

To stay up-to-date on business resources, especially during the COVID-19 crisis, please visit