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The Grey Highlands Chamber of Commerce wishes to express its support for the continued existence of public long-term care home Grey Gables in Markdale.

We believe it is in all generations’ best interests to take care of the needs of our community, to maintain jobs, and to invest now to ensure public long-term care continues to be available well into the future.

The Chamber also supports projects that stimulate economic development and the creation of new jobs.

Should the County build a new 128-bed public long-term care home on their current property and repurpose the use of the existing Grey Gables building, they will create a stimulus to our local economy and, at the same time, good paying jobs. The County would also address a major need for new long-term care beds.

By investing today in Grey Gables, we will be ready for many tomorrows.


Do you have questions you’d like posed to the candidates at our live, online federal all candidates meeting on Sept. 14? Please call, email, or Facebook message them to the Office.


On the morning of Sept. 17, our municipal council, MPP Bill Walker, and the Federal election candidates will visit us in Markdale to celebrate the grand opening of three businesses!

We invite you to join us on Markdale’s southeast corner at 10:30 a.m., starting at Jason Todoroff, Barrister & Solicitor, Bite Rite Denture Clinic & Implant Solutions, and Brilliant Bread & Cheese Co. Ltd.

Then we’ll head to Susan’s Delicatessen to celebrate its first birthday.


This week, we explore Eugenia.

Did you know…

Eugenia had gold rush in 1853? Sadly, it was fool’s gold.

Eugenia was so named for Eugenie, wife of Napoleon III, as suggested by young ex-soldiers from the French army who served in the Crimean War, who were surveying the area?

Eugenia is home to two waterfalls: Eugenia Falls and Hogg’s Falls?

The Chamber has a walking tour of Eugenia that you can pick up from our Office, and from various tourism ambassadors around the municipality.

The Chamber supports these Eugenia businesses: artist Barbara Pearn, ColourPix, Eugenia Falls Emporium, Eugenia Lake Candle Co., Flying Chestnut, South Grey News, The Pickle Guy, and Top O’ The Rock. We’re pleased to have them as Members and support the success. Learn more about them by visiting the Chamber’s Online Business Directory, which will be available in print next spring.

Want to be one of the businesses we support? Email or call to find out more about the Chamber.


Sept. 14 – Live, Online All Candidates Meeting

Sept. 15 – Networking Night!

Sept. 16 – Chamber Board Meeting

Sept. 17 – Grand Openings in Markdale

Sept. 18-19 – 9th Line Kite Festival

Sept. 20 – Federal Election

Sept. 22 – Seminar with Parm Chohan, Executive Leadership Coach

Nov. 19 – Chamber AGM