Devonleigh Homes


Devonleigh Homes emerged on the Ontario homebuilding scene in 1996 with what was, at the time, a new and innovative approach. Their vision? To go beyond creating exceptional homes with superb curb appeal, and offer even more. To tempt their prospective purchasers, not only with beautiful homes for exceptional value, but also with an opportunity to embark on a whole new way of life in a Devonleigh community. Today, over 3,000 homeowners and their families are happily living proof that Devonleigh Homes has succeeded in making their vision a reality.

Before the first shovel ever breaks ground in a new Devonleigh community, months or even years of planning have already been invested by the Devonleigh team to ensure that every foreseeable aspect of the new neighbourhood, from the style of the streetlights to the location of future retail space to the anticipated requirements for schools, has been carefully mapped out. Every effort is made to ensure that a brand new Devonleigh community will remain a place where people are comfortable and happy to live with their families for generations to come.



John van Beurden


P.O. Box 70 Orangeville, ON L9W2Z5



519-942-3311 Ext: 240