Project Description

Glenelg Wellness Retreat


Glenelg Wellness Retreat provides guided wellness recreation classes, such as BNB Method Wellness training, Healing Culture Immersion Program and Bed & Breakfast services to various local, national and international clients. We provide BNB wellness classes to yoga studios and businesses who wish to provide their members/employees a program as a part of their employee benefits. We are proud to give lectures on BNB wellness self-help techniques in seniors’ homes, hospitals, companies and schools to help those who need to regain their balance in body, mind and spirit.

Also operating as a Bed & Breakfast, the farmhouse property borders the conservation lands and is surrounded by picturesque farms and forests. The gently rolling hills offer endless views of the countryside. Enjoy the serene furnishing style of King Ludwig XIV and four comfortable bedrooms: one king, two queen and one twin . Enjoy outdoor spaces, including the picnic bench and tables. A spacious eat-in kitchen, and living room with fireplace, offer cozy ambience. Here you will find tranquility of nature in every season. Enhance your stay further with the holistic wellness services that your host offers to guests.



Near Bell’s Lake, Grey Highlands