Jackson Sister’s Photography


Hello. :) We are Jackson Sister’s Photography!

For those who don’t know our faces we are sisters Jenni and Corryn Jackson. We own and operate Jackson Sister’s Photography out of Dundalk and serve a vast area surrounding our tiny hometown. Jackson Sisters Photography grew from our childhood hobbies.

Being raised here in Grey we are forever grateful for our community and all the beauty our area has to see and capture. We were given cameras before kindergarten, starting out with film taking images of our pets and the local scenery on family drives. We enjoyed cake making and painting, which you will see surface in our handmade sets and cakes smashes.

As teens we grew with digital camera technology, following our friends and documenting the fun yet sometimes boring country life here in Grey. Our hobbies eventually became a career path as young moms needing to be home and needing a bit of extra income for our growing families. With overwhelming support and a lot of time and effort and online learning we have grown to do this full time while raising our children here. ♡

Working as a team we are able to offer a wide variety of photography services to suit almost any need. We are always willing to experiment and grow with our clients. We enjoy volunteering in the community and giving back wherever we can to local groups or events, so please let us know if we can help. We are excited to branch into the Grey Highlands Chamber of Commerce now, too. ♡

Jackson Sister’s Photography looks forward to meeting new faces – please reach out to us!



Jenni Jackson, Corryn Jackson