Project Description

Majestic Heights Farm


The main product manufactured on the farm is raw pet food. The product line is called Balanced Raw Carnivore. It is a species-appropriate food for our pets and is Human Grade A food, meaning there’s no by-products or fillers used. And yes, even the best cuts like the T-bone goes in the food.

All the products are made with animals that have been ethically handled and raised by local farmers with no use of steroids, antibiotics or pesticides. This is a whole food, meaning the complete animal is included with a proper balance of meat, bones, organs and fats to provide for Balanced Raw Carnivore. Only the best food for our pets, that is human grade flash frozen in one pound packs for ultimate freshness and convenience.

Additionally, the second product from the farm is garlic. Cultivars are a Purple Stripe called Chesnok Red and two Porcelains called Music and Majestic.

The farm website, which is currently being updated, is

Majestic Heights Farm also offers free local delivery and driveway pick up at the farm.



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