Marilynne is a new community-minded, farm-focussed restaurant from Markdale-born, Melancthon-raised chef Brandon Bannon.

Brandon got his first job at 10 years old, dunking fries and flipping burgers in the family-run snack booth at the Dundalk arena. Seeing the same faces every week, the rink was the first place he experienced what it’s like to feed a community. He continued on to train formally as a chef at Humber College. While studying, he spent nearly a year in Florence learning the craft and simplicity of Italian fine dining. In the decade since then, he’s worked with some of Canada’s largest restauranteurs, Toronto’s most credible indie establishments and sprawling catering operations. This has led Brandon to understand the entire spectrum of the industry and know that, to him, the best food is delicious, simple, connected to how it’s produced and feeds the community.

At 19 Toronto St. North, the new Markdale restaurant is named after Brandon’s grandmother, Marilynne. Along with her husband Bob, Marilynne moved her family from Toronto to Dundalk in the late ’60s. Their experience was one of taking a chance on something new, to live more simply, to reconnect with the land. Food on the farm wasn’t meant to be fancy. It was fresh and nourishing, made with love, and it was delicious. There was a connection inherently understood, between the pig in the barnyard, the weather, the potatoes in the garden, what was on your plate and the people you shared it with. Every element of the ecosystem impacted everything else. It wasn’t New Age-y, it was obvious. That’s what Brandon aims to capture with Marilynne.

Marilynne is now open to serve coffee, tea, sandwiches, and baked goods from their café window. Once interior renovations are complete, they will welcome the community for homey indoor dining, wine, beer, and cocktails. Please contact for more information, catering, or private events.



19 Toronto St. North