Project Description



Contact:  Colleen Keeling

Address:  Fire #17, R.R. #2, Elmwood, ON  N0C 1S0


Phone:  519 363-3146

At Morley’s Country Garden Greenhouse & Nursery we grow all of our annuals and perennials from seed in our own greenhouses as we always have since we began in 1977. What we cannot start from seed we grow from small cuttings or bare-root divisions. This allows us to provide customers with a large variety of plants grown to high quality standards. We use only natural insect control methods – no harmful sprays! So come to our greenhouses, shop local, and buy great locally grown product!
If you are a committee member with a local town, horticultural society or municipality – we also grow bedding plants, baskets and planters for these organizations.  Feel free to contact us with your requirements and we will be happy to give plant recommendations and provide quotes for your specific needs.