Shine-1-1 Mobile Dental Hygiene


Shine-1-1 Mobile Dental Hygiene is a clinic that comes to you!

Perfect for busy families or professionals, or even those who rely on others to get them to appointments. Shine-1-1 comes to your location whether you’re at home or at work in Grey-Bruce and the surrounding area.

Candace (Candy) McIntyre, Owner/Operator of Shine-1-1, is a Registered Dental Hygienist who has always called Markdale her home, and with 15 years of dental hygiene experience she is self-initiated/qualified to practice independently. Services include but are not limited to scaling, polish, fluoride, sealants, professional whitening, and orofacial-myofunctional therapy. Each client will have help to form an individualized treatment plan based on their needs and wants.

Shine-1-1 direct bills to your insurance company to help save some up-front cost the day of your appointment.

Contact Candy for more details or to book an appointment.



Candace McIntyre