*** Flesherton’s Festive Friday *** Shopping Local *** Chamber Office Closing ***




This past Friday, Flesherton’s stores and restaurants were open late and decked out for the season, welcoming eager shoppers to the town. Strolling Santa waved to passersby and delighted the evening’s guests, young and old alike. We thank the local businesses for incurring the extra expense of staying open later, and hope your customers made it worthwhile.


Once again, we send out a reminder to shop local. Want to support your local merchants but don’t want to go into a store? Call and see if they will prepare a purchase for curbside pickup. Ask about gift certificates for use at a later date. Order via their website and have your items delivered.

There are a lot of ways to support local businesses that don’t include making purchases, too. Write them a testimonial they can put on their Facebook page or website, or even post it yourself on Facebook for all your friends to see. Like and share their Facebook posts. Call or email your friends to tell them about your good local experiences.

Local businesses are working hard to earn your support and need it now more than ever. We are very fortunate to not have lost the majority of our shops and restaurants already in this difficult environment, but what if we did? Do you want to only shop at Walmart? Only eat at McDonalds? Only drink Tim Hortons coffee? When we don’t support our local businesses, we’ll make the big companies bigger, and soon that’s all we’ll have, with no ability to access the wonderful variety and caring service we get from our local businesses.


We have, after much soul searching, decided to close the Chamber Office temporarily as we attempt to make the best decisions regarding COVID-safe operations. We expect that business will operate much like usual from a home office, as the winter weather tends to reduce drop-in visitors.

Assistance will be only a phone call away – 519-986-4612 – during our regular business hours of Tuesday through Friday, 10am to 3pm. Face-to-face meetings can take place over the Internet via Zoom, Webex, or Microsoft Teams.


To stay up-to-date on business resources, especially during the COVID-19 crisis, please visit www.greyhighlands.biz.