Government Services

Effective January 1, 2001, the Village of Markdale was amalgamated with the Township of Osprey, Township of Artemesia, Township of Euphrasia and the Village of Flesherton. This new municipality is called the Municipality of Grey Highlands.

The Municipality of Grey Highlands office is located at:
206 Toronto Street South, Unit 1,
P.O. Box 409
Markdale, Ontario N0C 1H0
(lower level of Grey Gables across from Stevens Restaurant)

Phone: (519) 986-2811
Toll Free: (888) 342-4059
Fax: (519) 986-3643
Web site:

Building Department
Ph: (519) 986-1216 Ext. 228
Fax: (519) 986-3643
John Acres – Ext. 228
Karen Holt – Ext. 226

Contact: Clerks Department
Ph: (519) 986-2811 ex242
Fax: (519)986-3643

Chief Administrative Officer
Ph: (519) 986-1216 Ext 231
Fax: (519) 986-3643
Rob Adams

Clerks Department

Contact: Debbie Robertson
Ph: (519) 986-1216 Ext. 233
Fax: (519) 986-3643

Fire and Emergency Services
Contact: Bob Meads
Ph: (519) 986-1216 ex 236

Fire, Police & Ambulance Emergencies
Dial 9-1-1

Call Hydro One 1-800-267-0706

Markdale Fire Hall
Ph: (519) 986-3121
Fax: (519) 986-3643

Planning Department
Contact: Lorelie Spencer
Ph: (519) 986-1216 Ext 239
Fax: (519) 986-3643

Public Library
Walter Harris Memorial Library
75 Walker Street
(519) 986-3436

Public Works & Waste Management
Contact: Chris Cornfield
Ph: (519) 986-1216 ext 225
Fax: (519) 986-3643

Contact: Water/Wastewater Superintendent – Shawn Moyer
Ph: (519) 986-4784 or (519) 373-9741 (cell)
Fax: (519) 986-4571

Postal Services

Village residents can pick up their mail at the Markdale Canada Post Office located at:
21 Main Street West,
Markdale, Ontario N0C 1H0
Phone: (519) 986-2522
Fax: (519) 986-3325

Also offers stamps, collectibles and courier services.

Police Protection

The Village of Markdale is protected by Ontario Provincial Police detachment located in the village. 16 officers are currently on staff. To contact police Dial 9-1-1.
Markdale office: (519) 986-2211
Administration office: (519) 376-3433
Communications: (888) 310-1122

Fire Protection

The Fire Department consists of a team of 25 active volunteers, with two tanker trucks, two pumpers and the Jaws-of-life in a Rescue vehicle. To contact the fire department Dial 9-1-1.
Markdale Fire Dispatch: (519) 986-2121
Markdale Fire Hall: (519) 986-3121

Garbage Collection

Garbage collection is once a week. There is a bag tag system in effect.
Recycling bins are collected on a bi-weekly schedule.

Water Service Composition

Markdale’s water system consists of two bedrock ground-water wells with a pumphouse for each, two clear wells for mixing chlorine to a minimum of 0.05 mg/l, and one standpipe. The rated capacity of the village system is 3928 m3/day (864,000g/day). The standpipe has a capacity of 2046 m3 (424,000 gal.)

Water Composition:

Hardness mg/l: 340.0 Alkalinity mg/l: 285.0
Sodium mg/l: 28 – 12 Calcium mg/l: 83.6 – 71.5
Iron: less than mg / l 0.01 pH: 7.6
Fluorides: less than mg / l 0.1 Nitrates mg/l: 2.875
Apparent colour: less than Hazen 1.0 Turbidity Ftu: 0.037 – .636
Sulphates mg/l: 8.4 – 12.8

Amounts taken as average of the samplings from the two water cells and pumphouses.

Sewage Treatment Facility

Markdale’s sewage treatment facility has undergone a major expansion. A second cell was added along with a series of 8 infiltration basins. The two cells are continuously aerated and have allum added. The system is expected to meet both the industrial and residential needs of the Village for many years.

Electrical Source/Capacity

Hydro One is the source for power in Markdale. Present capacity of the system is 5MW; Supply voltage of 44,000 volts; Available at 44,000V; 4,160V; 2,300V; 600V; 347V; 230V; 208V; 110V at 60hz.

Please contact the Municipal Offices for the current tax, water and hydro rates as well as billing information.

Medical Services

Hospital – Grey Bruce Health Services, Markdale Site
55 Isla Street, Markdale, ON N0C 1H0
Phone: (519) 986-3040
Web site:

The Markdale Site of Grey Bruce Health Services serves the Townships of Grey Highlands, West Grey, Southgate and Chatsworth. This includes the Villages of Markdale, Flesherton, Dundalk and Chatsworth. The hospital is located in Markdale, one block west of Highway 10 (Toronto Street), turn at only signaled intersection onto Main Street. Main entry is from Isla Street, 1 block north of Main.

For the residents of Grey Highlands, the hospital offers 21 beds for inpatient care, general surgery and plastic surgery and employs 89 staff members.

Services at GBHS – Markdale Site include:

  • 24 Hour emergency, 7 days per week
  • physiotherapy
  • plastic surgery and clinic
  • diagnostic imaging and ultrasound
  • laboratory
  • palliative care
  • pastoral care
  • chiropody
  • geriatric assessment
  • optometry
  • psychology
  • diabetic education
  • dietitian
  • speech pathology
  • general and orthopedic surgery and clinics

Medical staff includes:

  • 7 Family Physicians
  • General Surgeon
  • Orthopedic Surgeon
  • Plastic Surgeon
  • Community Care Access (Home Care) has an office located within the building and works closely with the Medical Surgical Unit.

The Ambulance Service is located at the Markdale Area Fire Hall, and is dispatched through 911.

Animal Care

Grey Veterinary Co.
26 Main Street East, Markdale, Ontario N0C 1H0
Phone: (519) 986-2800

Hours of Operation:
Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Saturday 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon, 1:00 5:00 p.m.
Pets by appointment only.

Schools Serving Markdale

Beavercrest Community School
101 Main Street E., Markdale, Ontario N0C 1H0
Phone: (519) 986-2990
Web site:
Provides education from kindergarten to Grade 8 for children of the Village and surrounding townships. At present there are 17 teachers and 275 students.

Grey Highlands Secondary School
100 Toronto Road, Flesherton, Ontario N0C 1E0
Phone: (519) 924-2721
Offers a wide range of subjects in preparation for college and university. They have a complete auto shop, large machine & welding shop and a woodworking shop. Grades 9 through 12 are taught at this school.

The Markdale Co-Operative Nursery School
9 Walker Street, Markdale, Ontario N0C 1H0
Phone: (519) 986-3143
Offers pre-kindergarten educational programs.

Separate School Education
Available in nearby Durham and Owen Sound.

Trainable Handicapped Education
Available at Beavercrest Community School for students from age 5 to 14 and at Grey Highlands Secondary School for ages 15 to 21.

Georgian College of Applied Arts and Technology (Owen Sound Campus)
Web site:
Offers technical, business, surveying, cultural and special interest courses. In addition to credit courses, adult retraining programs are also offered.

The University of Western Ontario
Operates a summer campus in Owen Sound as well as a winter extension program offering a wide range of degree credit courses.

Night School Courses
Offered at both Beavercrest Community School and Grey Highlands Secondary School throughout the year.