Water and Sewage

Contact: Water/Wastewater Superintendent – Shawn Moyer
Ph: (519) 986-4784 or (519) 373-9741 (cell)
Fax: (519) 986-4571
Email: moyers@greyhighlands.ca

Water Service Composition

Markdale’s water system consists of two bedrock ground-water wells with a pumphouse for each, two clear wells for mixing chlorine to a minimum of 0.05 mg/l, and one standpipe. The rated capacity of the village system is 3928 m3/day (864,000g/day). The standpipe has a capacity of 2046 m3 (424,000 gal.)

Water Composition:

Hardness mg/l: 340.0 Alkalinity mg/l: 285.0
Sodium mg/l: 28 – 12 Calcium mg/l: 83.6 – 71.5
Iron: less than mg / l 0.01 pH: 7.6
Fluorides: less than mg / l 0.1 Nitrates mg/l: 2.875
Apparent colour: less than Hazen 1.0 Turbidity Ftu: 0.037 – .636
Sulphates mg/l: 8.4 – 12.8

Amounts taken as average of the samplings from the two water cells and pumphouses.

Sewage Treatment Facility

Markdale’s sewage treatment facility has undergone a major expansion. A second cell was added along with a series of 8 infiltration basins. The two cells are continuously aerated and have allum added. The system is expected to meet both the industrial and residential needs of the Village for many years.

Electrical Source/Capacity

Hydro One is the source for power in Markdale. Present capacity of the system is 5MW; Supply voltage of 44,000 volts; Available at 44,000V; 4,160V; 2,300V; 600V; 347V; 230V; 208V; 110V at 60hz.

Please contact the Municipal Offices for the current tax, water and hydro rates as well as billing information.